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Attracting Visitors to Your website (Ratings: 1.0/5)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Good you have an amazing website. But nobody knows about it. Does it help you in anyway? I doubt it. In order for people to know about the existence of your website, you need to make it visible to them. There are many ways of doing that like:

1. Get small, coordinating labels featuring your web address printed. Put them on all outgoing envelopes, business cards etc. Also add your URL in print ads to increase the chances of online visitors getting to know about you and your services in detail.

2. Another unique but very effective way of attracting people to your website is to leave your URL address in the answering machine or voice-mail messages so that even if you are not able to attend the call, visitors get your website address to receive the help they need.

3. You can request information laden sites (obviously in your field of expertise) to add links to your site. Also adding a section containing links to related businesses before requesting for links will lead to your efforts being reciprocated and answered back.

4. Sending an email newsletter on a regular basis with every week's or month's updates, sales, discounts, launches, and schedules keeps the visitors posted about your business ventures and makes them come back to your site.

5. Asking people to bookmark your site also makes them visit your website time and again. Also while sending your e-mail messages you can add a contact information file and what's new line about your website also attracts people to check your site again.

6. Hosting some competitions online and offering free give-away gifts once a month or so can attract people to try their hand at the competitions or contests too, thus bringing them to your website.

7. News Releases really activate and improve rankings as you can send a news release to industry trade magazines about any unique feature or thing you have and nobody else has.

8. Having an alternate domain name that leads to the same site also helps a lot getting more targeted traffic to your site. But keep the domain names short and sweet, easy to remember.

9. If you have not heard it before, believe me when I say that there are many sites that offer free classified ads so that you can post ads for your products or services on them.

10. Discussion boards are a very good medium of posting your site's content. So, next time when you add any section or content to your site, just post a notice to all relevant forums, discussion boards, newsgroups, etc to increase traffic to your website and also activating people to add links to your website.

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