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Advanced Search Features For Faster Results (Ratings: Not yet rated)

Friday, September 22, 2006

You may not always be sure of what you are looking for on the web. But there is nothing to worry as you can take the help of advanced search features of the search engines to find whatever you are specifically looking for.

The "+" search sign used in front of a search word helps if the word is commonly left out of the search query. The + sign basically includes that word in the search that you had initially not included in the search.

The "-" sign narrows down your search results by excluding the sites or domains that you don't want in your search results.

The "~" sign shows synonyms and the search engine bolds all the words related to the word entered in the search query along with the "~" sign throughout the results.

The use of "" double quotes with a search phrase will search for this exact word or phrase in the websites. But if the double quotes are not used, the number of sites dispalyed will double or triple as compared to the narrowed number of search results when a word or phrase is used with double quotes.

The "OR" search helps find pages that include either of two search terms, for e.g., if you want to find out about web maintenance services OR web designing services , putting an "OR" in uppercase between the two terms will help you search for either of these two terms.

The "Define" feature helps you find out the definition of any word when used in front of the word concerned.

The "domain restrict" feature helps you search a particular website further when you know which site will have the information you are looking for. For example you know already that for information on designing ecommerce sites services , you will find the relevant content in When you write web designing, this will search for the words web designing services in the above mentioned site.

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