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Be The King on Internet (Ratings: Not yet rated)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Do not underestimate the power of Internet and online marketing. It is not just an alternative to offline marketing, but a very powerful weapon to advertise and market your products and services to the customers globally. But keep the following things in mind before venturing into online marketing:

Write according to the audience- You must know your audience well and write accordingly. Internet surfers are people looking for highly relevant and specific information and if you don't do proper research about your prospective audience, you may not be able to provide them with relevant content.

Make visitors see your site from your eyes- You have to be strategic enough in designing your site in such a way that the moment the visitors enter it, they visualize what you want to show them. Show them everything in an uncluttered, clear, and professional manner.

Brand image counts- communicate your brand features and message to the visitors time and again on the website. Your brand image and message means a lot and you must communicate it well in all your product/service benefits, advantages, and information.

Simple is better- The simpler you keep your information, more effective it will be. You should keep in mind the fact that internet is a different medium than print and reading on the computer screen strains the eyes. So simple, short, concise, and meaningful content is what you should concentrate on.

Make your site visible- If your site is not visible to people, what's the use of putting in all the efforts. With millions of sites already existing on the world wide web, and many more getting added every minute, where do you stand the chase if you don't optimize your visibility. It's all in the keywords. Right and prominent keywords associated with your site need to be drilled in people's mind by putting them in titles, headers, meta tags etc.

Make visitors return often to your site- Doing this is not difficult if you provide useful information and improve its utility. Like giving visitors the flexibility and allowing them to make changes in their membership records, join forums, post and search jobs, contribute articles, all encourage them to visit the site again and again.

See what your competitors are doing and what you can learn from them- By visiting your competitors' website and carefully analysing the site, you can find out their marketing communication style, strategies, members, staff, kind of customers, and many more such information that you can incorporate in your site too.

If you have not explored all e-commerce options, do it right away because that is one really profit making area and is quite popular. You can achive both name and fame online provided you make your online marketing plan with great care and research. And once your website is established, sky is the limit.

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