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Choice of Colours Can Make All The Difference (Ratings: 5.0/5)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Yes it's true. The choice of right colors can make or break the reputation of your products and services and your website. First impression indeed is the last impression in the business world too. No doubt good and relevant content and links play the most important roles in making your website popular and profitable, but the look and appearance of your website also leaves an impression on the audience. The right choice of colors can make the visitors feel relaxed, at home and comfortable with your website because human emotions are triggered by color and you should know which color offsets which emotion.

Everything that exists on this earth has a color, whether it is food, clothes, places, or buildings. These colours feed our psychological and emotional hunger and also reflect our personalities. Color being a powerful tool, can really help us if used properly because we never forget the colors that we see once. As far as your website is concerned, it is important to work out which colors would best reflect your products or services. Listed below are some colors that have different emotions attached with them and that can be used depending upon what image you want to project about your company, products or services to the visitors.

White- This color reflects purity, peace, perfection. Keeping your content on a white background is easier on the visitors' eyes, and also lends a professional look to the site.

Red- This color is symbol of excitement, hunger, warmth, and love. So if you are an agressive business person and want to trigger off the excitement and hunger buds of the audience, this is the color for you. The people in food industry can use it to their best.

Green and Blue- Both are cool colors and trigger off calm and content feelings. Green color may also stand for money, greed and Blue is the color of the corporate world, much loved by the Corporate America.

Grays and Browns- These colors suggest depression and sombereness, but they also mean weight and heavyness. If used properly with other colors they help provide the visitors with a feeling of stableness and strength. This will further help build the solidarity and confidence of visitors in your products and services.

People who are in marketing world know how effective the colors can be in making a brand image for you and your company. People come to associate your company and logo with the color you choose. Visitors identify you with the color of your company. We are in the color T.V and Internet age now and color does help you get attention in the millions of other websites existing alongside you.

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