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Get Your SEO Facts Right (Ratings: Not yet rated)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Many people think they are too smart for the web and indulge in different illegal and tricky techniques to get higher rankings fast. What they forget while wasting their sweat and blood on these tricks is that search engine optimization (SEO) can be very easily and comfortably achieved without any hanky-panky.

One of the biggest myths that some so called SEO experts have is that once you know the exact workings of the search engines and the right tricks, you can fiddle with the results. But what they don't realize is that if they get caught (the chances of which have increased many fold now with the search engine algorithms getting tougher and stricter), they can be banned for their whole lives from the search engines.

There are many out there who claim that submitting your website to over 300 search engines makes you visible to 100% of your target market. But let me inform you that leave aside 300, people would not be aware of even 10 search engines existing out there. It is only Google, Yahoo, and MSN that rule the roost as far as search engines are concerned, the rest are just not in people's knowledge or memory.

Another myth that you need to dispell from your mind is that every website benefits from SEO and online marketing. If there are no visitors searching for your products or services, what's the use of spending money and efforts in it? You can easily find out whether there is a market for your products/services by availing our keyword search analysis service.

Saying that SEO alone can improve your and your brand's access and incursion is false and deceptive. No doubt, SEO can help you get sales leads from search engines. But to convert those leads into customers or clients requires the united efforts of the website owner, marketing team, and internet marketing manager.

So don't listen to people who tell you all these false things about SEO because they can have very dangerous and harmful effects for your online business presence, brand name, and profitability.

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