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Page Rank: An Innovative Web Page Attribute (Ratings: Not yet rated)

Friday, September 22, 2006

We all know what an amazing web page attribute Page Rank is. Thanks to the efforts and innovations taking place in Google that we have got something like Page Rank today. Named after one of the founders of Google search engine, Larry Page, Page Rank is based on the theory that a link from one web page to web page of another website is like a vote for that page. It is quite obvious that webmasters will only link to those websites that they feel are relevant and are of value to their visitors.

Google counted the number of inbound links to a page to judge the importance and relevance of that page and then decided what place should be allocated to that page in the search results page (SERPs). A scale was devised for this measurement. The scale rated from 1 to 10. Next came the creation of a toolbar for the information of webmasters and individuals so that they can see the Page Rank of a particular web page. The toolbar can be easily deployed in Internet Explorer indicating the Page Rank value of the web page shown, called the PR0 or PR10 values.

This numeric value shows the importance of a web page on web. It is based on the simple premise that when one web page links to another, it is actually voting for that page and the more votes a page gets, more important the page must be. So Google calculates the importance of a page from the sites linking to that particular site or web page.

Though not the only way of deciding a page's rank, Page Rank is one of the most important attributes of Google to give a particular ranking to a page.

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