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Learn Marketing From Your Own Life (Ratings: Not yet rated)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Your life can be your best teacher. And in marketing too, you can apply the same rules that you apply to your life.

First Impression is The Last Impression

Just like the first impression is the last impression in real life, similarly in marketing also your first impression is everything. If you don't make a favorable first impression, your prospects will never see you in a positive light. Customers like to buy from business houses that project a very professional, organized, and uncluttered side of theirs. Don't neglect your brand's image. The people who know you must be having a particular image in mind while thinking of you. They must be categorizing you as either professional, or clumsy, or high headed, or non serious, all based upon what they think about you. Exactly the same way, your brand, business also projects an image in front of the customers/prospects. In business too, image is everything. Do not project a poor or a weak image in front of your target audience.

Be consistent in Your marketing efforts

If you are seeking instant satisfaction, marketing is not for you. Just as in life, you have to make continual and continued efforts to remain on top, so is the case in marketing. You have to market on a regular and consistent basis and remain patient to reap long term profits. Get into the mindset of a marketer and have a committed approach towards your work.

Don't give up in between

You have to keep trying hard to reach your goal. This is what you do in life also. If you fail once, you stand up again to face the world. So in marketing too there may be some strategies that work and others that don't work. Failures teach you to succeed in life. Note your failures so that you can learn from them. This will also give you an accurate picture of what works and what does not work in marketing.

Engage others in your efforts

Don't make the mistake of doing everything on your own. You must involve others in your efforts as it is not possible to handle everything on your own. If you do, you will be tired soon. Be practical and realize the importance of hiring professionals to help you out. Think of the long run and invest some money in experienced and seasoned manpower to get results. In life too, you take help of others to do so many things, so the same applies in marketing.

You have to spend money to get money

Don't expect everything to happen without paying a penny. As they say there are no free lunches,similarly don't think that everything will be done without spending money. Marketing requires you to spend money for the strategies that you wish to incorporate or execute as a part of your marketing efforts. And this investment of money today will show you its results in the future for sure. Don't you pay for everything in life-be it electricity, water, or food. And you get the results when you pay-a sumptuous meal, good quality water, and uninteruppted electricity for a comfortable life.

Keep these things in mind while marketing. These are things that we indulge in and incorporate in our lives daily and can be a great help in our professional lives also if we learn from them. Marketing can be a manageable and comfortable thing if we approach it in the right vein.

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