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How to Make Search Engines Take Note (Ratings: Not yet rated)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Imagine you wrote an amazing book dealing with, say, Chinese cuisine. You know the book is great containing all that a person interested in chinese food wants to know. The only problem is that people don't know you have written such a great book. Surely after writing the book, you will make it known to public through press releases or other promotional techniques. Now, think of the same situation in case of your website. Every other minute or hour, a new website gets added to the web. In such fierce competition, how do you make your website stand out from the crowd? Also you may not have the kind of money required to advertise your website. So the sanest and smartest thing to do is to make the search engines work for you.

To become a favorite of the search engines:

Give useful and relevant information to people about your site and the products and services offered by it. Remember that "Content is King" and a keyword-rich, relevant content full website will be more appreciated by search engines than a beauitful and good looking web site.

Be an expert in your topic and provide all the required information to the visitors by imagining yourself as the visitor and getting into the visitors' skin to understand what they are looking for or want from your site. Prepare the answers beforehand to all possible questions that the visitors might ask you later on.

Go through sites that are in a similar business as you and are attracting a lot of visitors to them. Concentrate on the keywords used by them and see if you can incorporate a better version of those keywords in your site. You can use Overture's wonderful keyword search services to enhance the keyword quality of your website.
Keep submitting and registering your site to different search engines if you want it to be noticed and recognized by the search engines. Don't you send invitations to guests in order to invite them to your party? So similarly you have to invite the search engines to spider and index your site.

keep your website up to date with latest information and updates on your products, services and related areas. Treat your website like a graden that requires pruning and gardening regularly to keep it blooming. Search engines don't like a stagnant and stale site that has no new or updated content in it. Now here is a tip to keep your site updated with fresh content-start writing blogs in your site as they can be easily updated.

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