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What is Google Dance? (Ratings: Not yet rated)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Technically speaking, whenever Google search engine updates its index, the process is termed as "Google dance". This update generally takes place once every month. You can find out whether Google dance is taking place or not from the significant movement that occurs in search results and by Google's collection of all indexed pages showing the status of Google's last spidering. During Google dance, one can see new backward links for pages shown by Google along with movement in search results.

Every month Google orders it's spiders to crawl and archive every website. These websites are then presented in the next Google update. The update is started every 30 days. And the servers are updated individually from one to another. The indexes are updated slowly and not in one go only, in order to prevent downtime. The term Google dance is very appropriate because if you check the results from one server to another during the update, they will certainly differ.

As a result of the Google Dance, the Page Rank values also get affected. Usually, Google Toolbar obtains the Page Rank values from the data center specified by its IP address in the actual DNS record for Thus, during the Google Dance, what one sees on the GoogleToolbar is the old Page Rank values.

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