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Avoid These Search Engine Spam Techniques (Ratings: Not yet rated)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

When you try to show two totally different versions of your website to the search engines and the visitors respectively, you are spamming. Ethically speaking, your audience should see exactly the same content and pages as being delivered to the search engines.Listed below are some spam techniques that you should avoid at any cost, because deception of any sort will get noticed by the search engines sooner or later. And when you are caught, the consequences can be pretty bad.

Hidden Text or Partially Visible Text- Your text should be clearly visible to the visitors as well as the search engines and the font should not be very small.

Stuffing of Meta Tags and Alt Tags- Repeating content or words in the title tag is a big no no.This is called unneccessary stuffing just to attract the attention of search engines. But this is taken as a serius offence by search engines that can really prove harmful for you and your site.

Bait and Switch trick- This is when you replace the original page that was used to achieve rankings and replace it with another.

Misleading Text-The title and meta tags text should accurately relate to the page itself and should not have any unrelated or misleading keywords.

Hindering back button use-Do not create a page that doesn't allow the user from using the browser's back button to return to the search engine results.

Doorway Pages-Always shun doorway pages like plague. They have different names, but are generally the same thing.

Layering-Do not use layers to hide the content from the viewers.

Multiple Domains-Do not have multiple domains with same content and focus your resources, money and efforts on one url.Also stay away from Link Farms & Free For All type sites.

Hidden links- Just like hidden text or content, hidden links (the 1x1 transparent pixels for hiding links to doorway pages) are no longer popular or liked by search engines.

Cloaking- Cloaking is used to serve different content for the search engine spiders by serving different content based on IP addresses.

Remember that by employing spam techniques, you increase the risk of getting your website caught by the search engines. And that would mean cleaning up the whole site again and appealing to the search engines for reinclusion.

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